As the Story Goes ...


These bits and pieces of people's lives give an interesting glimpse into the not so distant past.

The message has often been flavored somewhat as it passes year after year from one person to another. However, elements of truth are always present and will forever remain. We did not search for the truth, or attempt to verify anything. These peeks into the past were gathered on Route 66. But, unique situations and stories can be found wherever people exist.

The hard part was not in locating pieces of trivia. Stories and anecdotes are in abundance. The hard part was in sorting them out to provide a mix that paints its own picture. We want to provide a sense of time and place that will continue to change from day to day. These words will hopefully instill a nostalgic taste of real America.

Enjoy - As the Story Goes ...


This intriguing softcover, 64-page book is a mix of 80 short subjects written as we heard them. Designed to be a fun read for any Route 66 roadie. There is always an element of truth in every situation. YOU be the judge!




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