Dog Behavior Training


 John D. Weiss has been a dog trainer and behavior specialist for over 35 years. He is widely regarded for his applied psychology to animal training. His experience with dogs and dog owners is extensive and varied.
   His specialty is the household pet. He is a firm believer that animal owners must know WHY they have a problem with their pet, as well as HOW to prevent future problems.
   John has hosted his own cable television series and has appeared on numerous other television and radio shows. He has been called upon as a consultant for police, universities, the government, public utility companies and other community organizations and commercial businesses.
   John has lectured and demonstrated his training principles throughout the United States and other countries. He has also written many articles for various news publications. John operates an obedience school he established in 1966.
   John has personally instructed, trained, or handled many thousands of dogs. When it comes to problems , odds are he has seen or heard them before!




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